I need you because I love you...

FARAWAY 離れてる場所で 誰よりも優しく強く 今も 歌っている あの日と変わらない 途切れない小さなメロディ FAREWELL 見慣れない景色に 戸惑いも

お誕生日おめでとうございます, 赤西仁!! happy 27th birthday, Akanishi-kun~! 04-July-2011 may all your wishes be come true and may you have a wonderful birthday. =D we love you. 石田ヤズーニ

Happy 25th Birthday
誕生日おめでとう, 亀梨和也くん~! :D
happy 25th birthday~!! omedetou~~! \\(^o^)//

i'm glad that i know him.
i'm happy because he's under the same star with me.
i'm feel great when think that we're connected through the bluesky...
i wanna thank to GOD for created him~!


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Refrain - Mamoru Miyano
Lyrics & Translation
Refrain - Mamoru Miyano

I know the song is already popular out there, but don't know why lately I'm stuck with the Refrain lyric, sang by Mamoru Miyano, a sei-yuu. So, let's share it~! Somehow, ONLY ONE figure that come to my mind.. Kamenashi Kazuya. How I really wish to see him. ='(

Credit: http://www.animelyrics.com

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"Kazuya-sama, o-tanjobi omedetou!"

Kamenashi Kazuya’s Birthday is nearer!

My happy2 time going to end soon… Argghhhh……..

Assignments, study, exams, and all those kind of things really exhausted me!

Guess it can’t be help ne~~ (- -ll)

23rd of Feb? I can’t stop remembering my exam is on 23rd of Feb! Again… Is the World hates me enough? I wanna celebrate my prince’s birthday on that day!! Not sitting quietly with head turns down facing the paper, and keeps making a pain in my brain! Ok, I will take it with open-hearted! But still, I want to relax on my prince’s birthday!! Whatever….

Due to that, I make something for my little prince….

For his birthday, of course!

And for all those who loves him, enough…


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Happy 24th Birthday Kazuya-sama! ^^

This is my first time sharing something, hope all of you enjoy…

Comments are loved, Credit not necessary… Take it if you like it… ^^

p/s I guess I need some help from people outside on how to post my entry more properly…  



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